Something in Stone

Something in StoneFive dynamic women wrangle over sex, jobs, politics, and love while being confronted with death and one overriding mystery. Does a lifetime of friendship prepare one for the truth, no matter how startling? Thirty-five years ago one of their friends walked into the ocean. Now they gather at Dillon Beach in a cottage they have unexpectedly inherited from the mother of their dead friend.

Arlene Miller, author of The Best Little Grammar Book Ever
“A great read!” That is about the best thing a reader can say about a book. And that is exactly what Something in Stone by Linda Loveland Reid is! This is the tale of childhood friends who drift apart and come back together throughout their lives. Reid intricately weaves the story together and caps it off with a riveting ending!

Fran Claggett, author, teacher of memoir and poetry
You will want to set aside a special time to immerse yourself in Linda Loveland Reid’s newest book. Once inside this encapsulated story, you enter the world of a small society, gradually forming your own attachments to each member of this group of friends as they move through their lives, disengaging and reengaging, each woman’s life as mysterious as the runes of their collective childhood.

Review by J. Lauer, author
THEN… hints of the sinister, of things unmentionable, the underbelly of life begin to emerge. The plot twists… no, it wrenches. I didn’t see it coming, and I couldn’t stop reading. This is a compelling story with amazing characters to which I had visceral reactions. This is not your light-weight summer read. Buckle up your life jacket and dive on in.

Charles T Markee, author
I’m pleased to introduce you to six women: Chris, a bookkeeper, Abby, a local mayor, Nina, a psychiatrist, Rennie, the organizer, Morgan an actress and Annette, who is shrouded in mystery. All in their mid fifties, they’re drawn together after many years by a will that leaves them a beach house. No ordinary venue, this is the beach house of their youth, filled with memories from 35 years of pathos and ethos, which all comes tumbling out in the interaction of crisp, intense dialogue crafted by Reid. In addition to secrets, there are mysteries that maintain a background of tension to the last page of this novel.

Amazon – $15.00 paperback – published 2013   ISBN 9781 484816806