Here is what I believe…
If I can do it, so can you!

Some of pieces are for sale:
– Originals are available on some paintings.
– Giclee Prints are available for some paintings.
– Prices range from $200 to $800.
– Email me for a quote on the painting you like.

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My passion for art began years before I ever picked up a paintbrush. An ardent-admirer, I loved going to galleries and had a large collection of art books. However, I was not ready to believe in my own creativeness, until Christmas 1989, when I received a set of paints and a note from my husband that said, Just do it!

The journey has been exciting, seeing the world in new ways, studying colors, shadows, and shapes. The first ten years of this fascination were spent exploring watercolors, like the one here, left.
For the last seven years I have worked in oils. In 2005, I had a show with twenty-four oils. The show was called The Goddess Party.

When you delve into goddess myths, Greek or Roman, you find powerful sorcerers. The women I paint are not just remnants of the past, but modern day, liberated goddesses, women following their love, passion, duty, and hopefully, their bliss.

Banana-lady paintings are my trademark, women with bananas in their hair.
I have done happy, sinister, innocent, and wild banana ladies.

I also enjoy painting on large ceramic platters, an entirely different
application from oil painting.
I look forward to whatever’s next!