Touch of Magenta

Touch of Magenta

Can you keep a secret (some might call it a lie) about another’s heritage, for their own good? Do you have the right? Fear and love are strong emotions—when forced together they can  explode. Conventional beliefs come tumbling down. Integrity and moral values are in question.
     It’s 1971 and Corri returns home for her mother’s funeral. Her identity is shaken when she discovers shocking facts in the will. A phantom “someone” is controlling her life.
     It’s 1896 and an Irish girl, Pegeen, falls deeply in love with Chan Li. The consequence of this forbidden passion drives her into a life of vigilance, as she fights to keep a sacred promise, a secret to protect her child.
     Touch of Magenta takes place in California Gold Country, San Francisco Chinatown, Singapore, Italy, and England.

Review by Dan Coshnear
Writing Instructor and Author of Jobs and Other Preoccupations
Touch of Magenta is a sweeping story spread across three generations. The characters are passionate, deeply conflicted and presented to us with the intimacy of first-hand knowledge and a rich and generous imagination. Linda Loveland Reid’s first novel is a history less, a mystery, but most al all, a love story filled with surprises.

Karen Reid, author of Powerball 310
Touch of Magenta left me breathless as the ending came together for a satisfying conclusion. A must read. Every scene grabs you as the author evokes the momentary detail and emotion of the two heroines lives. I laughed and cried with the characters as they were buffeted by winds of fate, deception and change. You root for Corri as you watch her untangle the mystery of her background as your heart goes out to Pegeen as she fights to keep her secrets from decades earlier. Cleverly and perfectly interwoven, the story of these two women is compelling.

Mary McElroy, writer and instructor
This author has a new and unique literary voice.  The particular details are unlike those of any other writer I have read–lending a depth and individuality to each character.  Moreover, reflections on death are unparalleled–few writers reach those depths yet manage to avoid depressing the reader.  The love relationship between Pegeen and Chan is superb. As a teacher of immigrant kids, I sympathize with their plight, am quickly drawn into their lives .  Having taught in certain areas of the city, I am well aware of modern-day gang activity. The way your book weaves in the history of these practices is fascinating.  Novels usually don’t affect me this deeply!


Amazon – $15.00 paperback – published April 27, 2009 ISBN: 978-1-4392-0285-2      LCCN: 2008908399




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