I was born in Hollywood, which has always been fun to say, and who knows, maybe it has lent its magic to my involvement with theater.

We live in the Wine Country of Sonoma County, fifty miles north of San Francisco.  I live with architect, playwright and author Harry Reid. We have produced many of Harry’s plays, most of which I directed… a careful duo-tightrope walk and huge adrenalin rush. We are both authors, play golf and enjoy retirement.

I graduated from Sonoma State University in 1999 with  two BA’s in History and Art History. In 2012, I began as instructor for Osher Lifelong living institute (OLLI) at SSU.
For further info and Academic Bio click here.

Directing community theater in Marin and Sonoma Counties over 30 years has been a thrilling endeavor. For more info and reviews click here.

I love to garden and have planted out our acre, designed into various types of garden-scapes. Great exercise and therapeutic.

Oil painting is a passion that I appreciate everyday. Anyone can do it, if you only have the desire. I know, because until age 40 I drew only stick figures. Now, it’s part of who I am. Go to Painting Page to see portfolio.

I published my first novel in 2009; second in 2013.  Currently I am freelance writer for local magazine. Writing is an amazing adventure and not only do I love immersing myself in this creative process but am so appreciative of all the new community of friends that have become a part of my life. Go to Novelist to see books.

Some mantas that I live by…
– Be sure where you are going because you’re going to get there.
– Family, friends, and other such human-being types, are what matters, all else is good on top of best.

Live ‘til you tilt!
Thanks for looking in, Linda Loveland Reid